Industry Collaboration Board

The ABEX Industry Collaboration Board (ICB) is an opportunity for industry professionals to connect with outstanding early career engineers and scientists eager to show their research to potential employers. Joining the ABEX ICB has three practical benefits:
  1. ABEX students using this website will see your company and understand the goal of their spacecraft and systems engineering education is to join and contribute to companies like yours.
  2. ABEX announces technical and design review schedules to ICB members at the end of Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters for both the full spacecraft and individual spacecraft subsystems. ICB members could virtually send engineers as Subject Matter Experts to relevant reviews but are under no obligation to send anyone to any reviews. This exposes both you to potential hiring candidates and the students to potential employers.
  3. ICB members receive direct access to ABEX students of their choosing during the hiring process based on desirable review content. You tell us who or what research you liked, and we’ll point the appropriate students in your direction. Check out the Student Success Stories page to see who you could be hiring!
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